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Fowler, Chris
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Dear Central North Carolina Section of the ACS,

It is that time of year again where I am looking for an adjunct(s) to teach General Chemistry II and Organic Chemistry I and II for the summer sessions here at High Point University.

Do you know of anyone who might be interested in teaching a class or two over the summer at HPU? The classes will be small (less than 15…probably more like 6 – 10 students) but at a fast pace and there is a lab component. The pay is $1166 per credit hour or $4664 per class. If you have anyone who is interested, please have them contact me directly. Gen Chem II is on the books already, so I just need an instructor. If there is someone interested in Organic I/II, I would need to add that quickly as I did not have the registrar offer that.

Gen Chem II and Organic II will be offered in the 2nd Summer session (Mon – Fri July 5 – July 29 from 11:25 am – 4:50 pm (includes lab times)). Organic I would be in the Summer Session 1 (Mon – Fri, June 6 – July 1 from 11:25 – 4:50 including labs).

Any interested candidates can send me their CV and contact me directly at 336-841-9405.

Best regards,

Brian Augustine


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